Sep 20th

The Real Score on Printer Paper and Copy Paper

By Casey Hernandez
Let’s be honest for a second.  Most people don’t see much distinction between different types of white paper.  We often choose our white paper based on dimensions, texture, and finish – after all, the two main differentiations we have in terms of prints are monochrome text documents and photo prints.  Glossy printer paper is more often that not associated with photographic prints; hence, consumers focus on the paper’s degree and quality of luster. On the other hand, text documents are perceived to be less stringent about the overall quality of the paper – most people think that any white paper will do.  On the contrary, even white paper has numerous classifications based on their differences in caliper, brightness, and texture.  Copy paper is considerably cheaper than printer paper, and this is the main reason why most consumers choose to use copy paper instead of proper printer paper.  While there is no law that prevents anyone from substituting copy paper for inkjet or laser paper, there are certain drawbacks to doing this, one of which is low-quality print results.  Expenses are definitely lower and some money is saved, but is it really worth the compromised quality of the prints?

Copy paper is generally thinner and more transparent than multi-purpose printer paper.  Therefore, it is more susceptible to ink bleeding and smudging, especially if the ink is not of good quality.  Color prints are likely to not come out the way they are supposed to because of the high absorption level of copy paper.  Photo printer paper, which is often glossy, delivers vibrant prints because most of the ink is not absorbed by the paper and stays on the surface.  If your prints will be used for an important office presentation or for promotional purposes, it is best to stick to proper printing paper rather than cut corners using inappropriate products. 

The Search for the Perfect Printer Paper for You

Picking the right paper for specific purposes surely seems like a piece of cake, right?  Regular printer paper, in particular, is just plain white, so buying the right kind should not be too hard.  Au contraire!  Here’s the deal – white paper could refer to a number of paper varieties.  Copy paper is white, inkjet and laser paper are also white.  Each of these varieties has distinct characteristics and features, so it is still possible to end up with paper that you won’t be able to use for printing.  So, how does one produce good-looking prints?  There are a few points to consider when selecting printer paper that will create outstanding results but without costing an arm and a leg.  The first question to ask yourself is this: “What do I need paper for?” Once you’ve determined the answer to this, the rest of the points should be clear to you fairly easily.

•    Are you particular about the brand of the paper?  There is little argument that will disprove the fact that branded printing products are superior to non-branded ones.  This statement is not absolute, though – there are certain unbranded products that exceed consumers’ expectations.  If your budget allows it, then go for printer paper that matches the brand of your device.  You are very likely to get really good prints. 

•    It is a good idea to allot a relatively equal amount of your budget on everyday printer paper and photo paper.  Naturally, if you print more photos than text documents, then buy a little more of those.  The point is having adequate supply of both types of paper to save on time and money.
Sep 20th

Envelopes Wholesale is Money in the Bank

By Casey Hernandez
That envelopes are necessary items in the workplace is such an obvious statement to many people that it doesn’t require much commentary or explanation.  But for the sake of discourse, let it be said that envelopes are ubiquitous office tools used to store documents, often for filing and mailing purposes.  They come in so many varieties because envelopes can be used for a wide range of functions, too.  You’ll never know when you’re going to need an envelope, so it’s always good to have an adequate supply of these items at home and in the office.  Sure, they are available practically everywhere and it won’t be hard to buy just one or two for every moment you need it.  However, you must also take in account the type of envelopes that you are going to need in future occasions – lesser known varieties of envelopes are not always sold in smaller stores.  To avoid encountering this kind of predicament, purchase envelopes wholesale of the varieties that you anticipate to use in the next several months.  Not only will you avoid experiencing running out of envelopes, but you will also benefit from the savings brought about by envelopes wholesale purchases. 

The busy schedules of most working individuals do not allow much time for frequent trips to the supermarket or bookstore.  Therefore, buying envelopes wholesale makes perfect sense – you get to save money and time.  This is a serious benefit as time has become a luxury of sorts to many of us; hence any product that comes along which gives us an opportunity to maximize our time and do something else with it is completely welcome to consumers.  The key to buying good-quality envelopes wholesale is getting a reliable and trustworthy supplier.  This way, you can be assured that you will get the quantity and quality that you want. 

Envelopes Wholesale Promotes Business Growth

All kinds of businesses – big and financially stable ones as well as small, startup ones – are always finding ways by which to maximize their resources and save money.  One of the most effective ways to stretch one’s budget is by purchasing office commodities in bulk.  Suppliers in general are able to give significant price reductions to their customers when they buy big quantities of merchandise – this is a well-known fact in the commercial industry.  Envelopes wholesale are used for mailing, marketing, and storage purposes, so it is utterly impractical to buy just a few pieces or packages at a time.  A lot of businesses are using ordinary office supplies as marketing tools because of their low-cost advantage and high visibility in workaday business functions.  As a business owner, you can gain bigger savings from buying envelopes wholesale because offset printing costs much less than printing via digital press.  This is why many companies have their corporate stationery produced in this manner – to reduce expenses and still get good results. 

As consumers, whenever we receive a business letter placed inside professional-looking company stationery, we are instantly interested in the contents of the mail.  Having customized envelopes wholesale can boost your brand by instilling the logo or name into the consciousness of the public.  Using run-of-the-mill office items has been proven effective at spreading the word about a company’s products and services because of the frequency of their use.  One of the biggest challenges in marketing is being able to stretch a brand’s visibility as far as possible.  Awareness if the initial step in promoting products and services, and the next step entails building credibility and integrity so that consumers will choose them over the competition.  Given all these advantages, it is clear that buying envelopes wholesale provides an overall boost to any company’s business situation.
Sep 16th

Advantages of Using Epson t0715 Ink Cartridge

By Casey Hernandez
A lot of consumers are using Epson products because of their excellent quality and reliability. There are many advantages of using a printer that uses an Epson t0715 ink cartridge and some of which are as follows:

•    An Epson t0715 ink cartridge paired with an Epson printer can provide users with an excellent level of quality images that cannot be matched by other ink cartridges available in the market. The quality of printed images and texts produced by the Epson t0715 ink cartridge is excellent and it meets the standards and expectations set by consumers.
•    Every ink cartridge of Epson t0715 can produce printed documents that can last longer than the other known brands. This can help a lot in keeping important documents and preserving memories such as photos and other images. Photos and other images printed using Epson t0715 ink cartridge can stay longer without fading.
•    Epson t0715 ink cartridge contains more ink than other ink cartridges available in the market. This means that when you use Epson t0715 ink cartridge, it does not require frequent replacement. Every ink cartridge of Epson t0715 can print 30 percent more than any other brands of ink cartridges.
•    With the Epson ink cartridge technology, users can easily place and replace empty ink cartridges. Users of the Epson t0715 ink cartridge multipack for example can replace coloured ink cartridges that run out instead of replacing the whole inkjet cartridge. This is one way to maximize the use of every cartridge and avoid wastage.

With all the things provided above, the Epson t0715 ink cartridge indeed has the advantages of quality and economical inkjet cartridges making it a very ideal option for everyday printing needs.

Learning more about Epson t0715 Ink Cartridge

The Epson t0715 ink cartridge is one of the ink cartridges designed by the well-known and respected Epson brand. It is one of the most in demand products on the market today because of the many distinct advantages that this ink cartridge can offer.

Epson t0715 ink cartridge was specifically designed to work with several Epson printers. It has an excellent quality print that is widely known in the market. Epson t0715 ink cartridge has been identified as one of the best choices for users that are seeking clean delivery prints, high-quality of printed documents, and a great standard of consumables. Every cartridge of Epson t0715 has the ability to produce accurate and perfect prints, which are great not only for everyday regular documents but most especially for office presentations and other special requirements. This given, the Epson t0715 ink cartridge is ideal for home and business use.

Epson t0715 ink cartridge is considered as one of the latest generation of ink cartridges available in the market. It can exceed expectations of users and it is incomparably better then other ink quality being offered by other brands. With its quick dry feature anyone can produce crisp, accurate, and realistic prints that are free from error and mess. Epson t0715 ink cartridge was also made with DURABrite Ultra ink technology, a solution in which pigment particles are coated in resin that helps to resists fading and smudging.
Sep 16th

Using Epson t0715 Ink Cartridge for Great Quality Printouts

By Casey Hernandez
Epson is one of the leading manufacturers in the printing industry. One of its ink cartridges, t0715, is renowned for its excellent quality of prints. It was meticulously created to match several Epson printers to produce good-quality images. Every ink cartridge of t0715 has a particular functionality that can create high quality of prints for different print options.

Epson printers that use the high-quality ink cartridge t0715 can definitely produce high-quality prints that meet the expectations of every user. This ink cartridge produces vivid images and more realistic photo captures; it also produces crisp text documents. Given this, it is very ideal to use the Epson t0715 ink cartridge for everyday printing needs.

The Epson t0715 ink cartridge is a technologically advanced inkjet cartridge. It is being manufactured using advance technology and makes use of the Smart Valve Inkjet Cartridge technology. This kind of technology helps to create more accurate images by producing smaller dots combined with great colours. The quality of Epson t0715 ink cartridge is really impressive. Consumers that use this cartridge can prove its reliability, as it produces excellent printouts.

There is no doubt that the quality of prints being produced by the Epson t0715 ink cartridge is great. Aside from clear images, it provides users of printed documents to last longer. Furthermore, Epson t0715 ink cartridge is user friendly. It can be placed and removed easily into and from the printer. If you are using Epson t0715 ink cartridge or any Epson ink cartridge for that matter, it is worth remembering that when the printer signals an empty cartridge, ignore it for some time. Most likely it still contains plenty of ink. This reminder can help you save more money by making your ink cartridge last longer. The Epson t0715 ink cartridge is a very reasonable product that is worth buying. It could give you assurance in use and quality.

Setting Up Your Printer to Use Only the T0715 Black Colour Cartridge

Printing in grayscale or black and white can give a lot of savings to consumers. For everyday printing, it is advisable to use the black t0715 ink cartridge instead of coloured ones. Some companies require employees to use coloured t0715 ink cartridges only for important documents, such as presentations and reports, in order to lessen printing expenditures.

For those consumers who would rather use the Epson t0715 black ink cartridge when printing, you can follow the steps provided below:

1.    You can adjust the setting of the printer for a single print job by simply clicking on “File” followed by “Print.”
2.    A separate window will appear. Choose the printer that you will be using for the job from the choices available by clicking on the drop down button with the label “Name.”
3.    Select the printer where the black Epson t0715 ink cartridge was installed then click on “Properties.”
4.    From the new window you will be provided with different options for your printing preferences. Choose the “Advanced” button and click on the box that shows grayscale or black ink only options.
5.    Select “OK” in order to save the changes that you made. The printer will then produce a copy of the document only with the black t0715 ink cartridge.
Sep 16th

Why this HP Toner Cartridge is a Good Buy

By Casey Hernandez
Technology-wise, HP 05a toner cartridge contents have been processed based on the highest standards possible that only Hewlett Packard can provide.

HP toner cartridges are aimed at creating the image to be printed with the use of an electronic charge before the image is actually printed on paper. The use of the 05 series ensures an increase in productivity because it creates prints faster compared to the usual ink cartridge – making it popular among businesses involved in printing jobs.

It is ISO/IEC 19752 certified to yield more than 2,300 standard and high quality pages. However, actual yields may vary depending on the type of documents or images printed, among other things.

The HP CE505a toner cartridge produces high quality black prints suitable for everyday office printing requirements like reports, documents, invoices, receipts, and most spread sheets.

Because of the high cost of HP toner cartridges, most users rely on recycling and refilling. Though not necessarily prohibited because it reduces waste products and this practice will give users bigger savings, it is still recommended that original HP toner cartridges are used to ensure that optimum printer performance is achieved. Reused cartridges might not have the ability to yield high quality results; hence, original toner cartridges should be utilized.

The HP 05a toner cartridges may be too expensive, but it offers the highest quality printing projects and is best compatible with the HP high quality printers.
Sep 16th

The HP 05a Toner Cartridge

By Casey Hernandez

Hewlett-Packard has been known to produce quality products, particularly printers, inks, and toner cartridges. The HP 05a toner cartridge is one of these many products.

For those who know their printer, a printer to become efficient depends on the kind of cartridge the user utilizes for their projects; an equally efficient cartridge yields increased printer productivity. However, once the cartridge does not function well, this might result in poor production.

The HP 05a toner cartridge can address these simple issues. HP brings to its consumers the highest quality of products. Though HP toner cartridges are not the cheapest products of the same nature available in the market, they are the most reliable as they deliver the fastest and the most trouble-free printing requirements. In fact, HP printer cartridges like the 05a series, is the printer of choice not just for many home users, but also business people.

The HP 05a toner cartridge is considered to be very innovative in terms of operating efficiency, a quality that has been associated with the HP brand name. The 05a series also referred to as HP CE 505a is compatible with several models of HP printers. A standard HP CE 505a toner cartridge yields a maximum of 2,300 pages of high quality images. Installation is not difficult and it can be used immediately upon installation. HP ensures that their consumers are satisfied with every product they purchase.

The HP 05a toner cartridges are not hard to find as they are made available to consumers through authorized retail outlets and distributors. With the popularity of the internet, a lot of merchants and online stores offer the original toner cartridges from HP with great discounts and/or freebies.

Sep 16th

Understanding Continuous Listing Paper

By Casey Hernandez
Continuous listing paper is a kind of paper that is specifically created for use in dot matrix and line printers. There are different names given to this type of paper and some of which are: dot matrix paper, continuous feed paper, and sometimes it is also just called computer paper. Listing paper is the name that was adapted to refer to a single sheet of paper that is used for printing and flows freely through a dot matrix printer. It is widely available in the market and can be purchased from online or offline sellers of stationery supplies. Continuous listing paper can either be single ply (with a single layer) or multi ply (usually consist of multiple layers).

Continuous listing paper is usually perforated or with small holes placed transversely in its layer at regular intervals. There is also the appearance of small slits, which were intentionally placed there to form a tear edge to identify the top and bottom of every page. The perforation and slits in continuous listing paper allows users to tear a particular sized sheet when needed; this is why this type of paper is available in various sizes as well. You can find in handy the size of continuous paper that you need and require. When continuous listing paper is unfolded, the slit perforation closes up and this allows printing across the perforated edge while preventing the printer from jamming, thus it is very ideal for continuous printing.

During printing, continuous listing paper is fed vertically through the printer. The edges of the layer form the left and right edge of the page. The holes that are punched along both side edges engage with sprocket wheels when the paper is inserted in the printer and these holes in the wheels either push or pull the paper through the printer. The holes can either be of a serrated edge pattern or with smooth plain edges, depending on the method of production that was used.

Different Measurements and Perforation of Continuous Listing Paper

Various Measurement

Continuous listing paper is usually measured by the depth of the sheet, which is actually the distance between the top to the bottom page perforation. Inches is the unit of measurement used here.

The standard sizes of continuous listing paper are:
•    11 inches
•    11.6 inches

The next measurement needed to consider when choosing and buying your continuous listing paper is the width, which is the measurement from one edge to another edge including the sprocket margin. Millimetre is the unit of measurement used here.

•    216mm
•    235mm (standard A4 size)
•    241mm
•    370mm
•    389mm

Three Different Types of Perforation

As mentioned above, perforation is the process of putting small holes transversely in every layer of continuous listing paper at regular intervals. There are three different types of perforation used in computer paper and these are:

•    Unperforated continuous listing paper - sprocket strips at the edge of every paper are difficult to tear or detach.
•    Standard perforated continuous listing paper - sprocket edges are easy to remove.
•    Micro perforated continuous listing paper - when sprockets are removed from the paper, it will display clean edges.
Sep 14th

What are Jiffy Bags?

By Casey Hernandez
Many people usually do not notice the amount of money they spend on postal and delivery costs. If you will be more conscious, you will realize that repetitious shipments can cost a lot. This is very true for companies and businesses. With an understanding on the effect of shipping items to customers and to your business expenditures, it makes sense to get the right packaging supplier. Knowing the different kinds of packaging bags available in the market can help if you use a lot of postal packaging bags in your business.

Jiffy bags are thick or padded envelopes used for packaging and protecting objects that are easily damaged when they are sent through the post. The exterior materials used in these kinds of envelopes can be of a heavy paper, paperboard, corrugated fiberboard or plastic film, while the padding material can be recycled newsprint, foam, bubble wrap, or other cushioning materials. Jiffy bags ensure senders that objects sent through post are safe from damage during shipment. They are widely available in the market and they can come in handy any time. Many consumers are using Jiffy bags because of its many benefits. Aside from packaging and protecting objects for shipments, they also have integral flaps with pressure sensitive adhesives or tapes that allow easy and secure closure.

You can get Jiffy bags for protection of your valuables. They are of different variations, depending on your preference or needs, you can choose from bubble Jiffy bags or padded Jiffy bags and use them no matter what needs to be mailed or shipped.

Buying and Using Jiffy Bags

Before you buy Jiffy bags consider first the number of times you will use them. The cost of purchasing a single bag and ordering in bulk can drastically affect the total amount of money you will be spending. If you are going to use Jiffy bags on a regular basis as a standard component when running your business; purchasing them in bulk can really help in reducing your company expenses for postal and delivery costs.

If you are to use Jiffy bags in your business, you can print your company logo and other graphics related to your business on them. By doing those things and imprinting your business return address on every Jiffy bag that you are sending, it can help you in marketing and promoting your business products and services. Jiffy bags are flexible, they are very ideal for home and business use. They can be folded and used as a packaging tool for products needed to be returned to the sender such as DVD movie rentals by mail.

Using Jiffy bags, when sending items to your customers, will assure your business that no customer will receive damaged, broken, crushed, folded or wrinkled products. You are able to improve your business by guaranteeing their satisfaction. Jiffy bags can cost little compared to ordinary envelops, but it costs a company more when customers have to return damaged products. It can negatively affect not only the revenue, but the dignity of your business; so make sure to provide protection when mailing or shipping the products especially of high priority.
Sep 13th

Features of Bisley Filing Cabinets that Set them Apart from Others

By Casey Hernandez
Bisley office furniture specialists are one of the best manufacturers of  storage equipment, not only in the United Kingdom, but around the world. They are renowned for the excellent quality of their manufactured filing cabinets as well as their reliability. They produce Bisley filing cabinets which serve as great storage for consumers. These cabinets are sleek and solid, robust and durable which are very ideal for everyday use.

Bisley filing cabinets are recommended for business offices and home use. They are made of fully welded steel thus, it is very durable. These cabinets have no bolts or rivets and its stationery drawers slide smoothly due to roller bearings that enable easy accessibility to the whole drawer. Bisley filing cabinets feature lockable filing drawers that provide users with convenient and confidential storage of files. Putting your office and home file information in order is made easy by these cabinets from Bisley. Aside from being sturdy and heavy duty, they are created with enough space to take all documents, which provide more room on your desk to work on.

Bisley filing cabinets have several models to choose from. Provided below are the three different categories of Bisley cabinets that you can find in the market:

•    Bisley full flush cabinets - provide selections of either one-piece or double file cabinets. This category of Bisley filing cabinets includes two-to-four drawers that are aligned vertically and can accommodate A4 files.

•    AOC and CC contract filing cabinets - These filing cabinets are more economical. Files inside the drawers can be easily identified and retrieved as they have card holders where users can put labels on different drawers.
•    Side Filers - Occupy less floor space and have 30 percent more capacity. Side filers possess all the features you can find in Bisley filing cabinets.

Advantages of using  Bisley Filing Cabinets

It is always important to have proper order and organization in your workplace this allows you to be more productive and efficient. A business office with too much clutter and unorganized files does not give an air of professionalism and success.

Bisley filing cabinets are an integral part of business office equipment. They are very ideal for temporary and permanent storage of files and other related documents. Organization of information is very essential for any business and this can be achieved with the aid of high quality Bisley filing cabinets.

•    Bisley filing cabinets can give businesses a good and reliable image by keeping files secured and confidential. Losing a document can cost you business.
•    Documents that are kept in Bisley filing cabinets can be easily retrieved at a later date.

•    Everything is in order and in their right places when they are kept and organised using Bisley filing cabinets.

•    Bisley filing cabinets provide users with greater control over information. Filed documents allow them to identify the location of files. They would know exactly where to find the information they need at any given time. Furthermore, they can prevent misplaced important files and essential documents.
•    Organized information in the business increase the overall productivity of staff. Time is gold, and it should not be wasted looking for files.
Sep 13th

HP Cartridges Make Printing Easier

By Casey Hernandez
Hewlett-Packard is one of the most popular brands when it comes to computers, printers, ink, and toner cartridges. The name has been one of the most prominent brands and HP cartridges are probably one of the most preferred ink and toner cartridges because of its optimum reliability and high quality performance.

HP cartridges come in a varied number of colour coded packages and therefore can be used in a host of different printing requirements and projects. For example, the blue code should be used for occasional printing projects, the red coloured packages are intended for superior quality printing needs, and green is utilized for large quantity printing needs.

There are numerous advantages to using HP cartridges, some of which will be mentioned here.
•    These quality cartridges from HP are probably the most versatile among its competitors because it can be utilized for a large number of HP printer models.
•    These ink cartridges from HP are also the most cost effective. The popularity of online shopping is the reason why the manufacturer approved authorized dealers so that their products will be made available to online buyers. Most online merchants and sellers offer marked down prices; others even offer minimal to no shipping fees. Making it available online further increased its popularity. Plus users can utilize the cartridges from HP for different projects and requirements.
•    Users are ensured of its reliability – giving high quality images at the most cost effective rate possible.
•    These cartridges require less maintenance. Installation is not a problem either.
•    Durability is also the name of the game. When handled properly and used with all original HP printers, it will last for a very long time.
•    HP cartridges come in a wide array of models categorized according to the quality and the project they are intended to be used. There are those for photo printing to yield high resolution images, and the cartridges for printing important office documents, invoices, and receipts. Plus a many other types. There are also different colours to choose from.
•    These cartridges can be recycled, making it more affordable.

HP Does Not Recommend Recycling HP Cartridges

While HP is fully aware about the fact that there are consumers that resort to recycling and refilling their empty ink cartridges to save on costs, the company does not encourage such practice. In most countries where ink and toner refilling is the practice, HP does not prohibit the practice because of the benefits it brings to the environment. However, it is also important to point out that HP maintains the single-use policy in their cartridges. “Refilled” or “remanufactured” ink and toner cartridges do not necessarily originate from HP. These cartridges are pried open and refilled.

HP maintains that the reason why they cannot release “remanufactured” cartridges to their loyal customers is that the company cannot risk the possibility of decreased reliability and durability compared to brand new cartridges.

The company shows its concern for the environment by collecting empty HP cartridges and reprocessing them (not refilling them) to become raw materials, which will be used to produce brand new cartridges.