HP Cartridges Make Printing Easier

Published by: Casey Hernandez on 13th Sep 2012 | View all blogs by Casey Hernandez
Hewlett-Packard is one of the most popular brands when it comes to computers, printers, ink, and toner cartridges. The name has been one of the most prominent brands and HP cartridges are probably one of the most preferred ink and toner cartridges because of its optimum reliability and high quality performance.

HP cartridges come in a varied number of colour coded packages and therefore can be used in a host of different printing requirements and projects. For example, the blue code should be used for occasional printing projects, the red coloured packages are intended for superior quality printing needs, and green is utilized for large quantity printing needs.

There are numerous advantages to using HP cartridges, some of which will be mentioned here.
•    These quality cartridges from HP are probably the most versatile among its competitors because it can be utilized for a large number of HP printer models.
•    These ink cartridges from HP are also the most cost effective. The popularity of online shopping is the reason why the manufacturer approved authorized dealers so that their products will be made available to online buyers. Most online merchants and sellers offer marked down prices; others even offer minimal to no shipping fees. Making it available online further increased its popularity. Plus users can utilize the cartridges from HP for different projects and requirements.
•    Users are ensured of its reliability – giving high quality images at the most cost effective rate possible.
•    These cartridges require less maintenance. Installation is not a problem either.
•    Durability is also the name of the game. When handled properly and used with all original HP printers, it will last for a very long time.
•    HP cartridges come in a wide array of models categorized according to the quality and the project they are intended to be used. There are those for photo printing to yield high resolution images, and the cartridges for printing important office documents, invoices, and receipts. Plus a many other types. There are also different colours to choose from.
•    These cartridges can be recycled, making it more affordable.

HP Does Not Recommend Recycling HP Cartridges

While HP is fully aware about the fact that there are consumers that resort to recycling and refilling their empty ink cartridges to save on costs, the company does not encourage such practice. In most countries where ink and toner refilling is the practice, HP does not prohibit the practice because of the benefits it brings to the environment. However, it is also important to point out that HP maintains the single-use policy in their cartridges. “Refilled” or “remanufactured” ink and toner cartridges do not necessarily originate from HP. These cartridges are pried open and refilled.

HP maintains that the reason why they cannot release “remanufactured” cartridges to their loyal customers is that the company cannot risk the possibility of decreased reliability and durability compared to brand new cartridges.

The company shows its concern for the environment by collecting empty HP cartridges and reprocessing them (not refilling them) to become raw materials, which will be used to produce brand new cartridges.



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