Tools Used in Termite Control LosAngeles

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Termite is controlled with both baits and liquid termiticides, but research shows that termiticides are effective than any other method. These termiticides are applied to the affected areas with special tools, including valves, pipes, nozzles, and tips. Different manufacturers make LosAngelesTermite control tools, but only some are good.According to exterminators, even the best chemicals will fail in killing the termite if they are applied wrong. Getting the chemicals exactly to the affected place needs a specific systematic process.The system fortermite control LosAngelesincludes a valve that controls the chemical flow, rods for injecting the chemicals, and tips which are used to spray the termiticides in different directions.


Only expert companies know how to use these tools, and train their staff to do the job right. But, before using these tools, you need to get LosAngelestermite control inspection services to see if your home is really affected by termite. Many pest control companies provide free inspection and consultation. But, the inspection should go in the right direction. The tools used duringLosAngeles termite control services further have a variety as described below;


Valves Used in Termite Control


Valves have a variation,including simple valve and gun valve. The later form is more effective, and can be sued as a spray gun. Valve makes the process faster and they are very cheap. Gun valve has light weight and it’s easy to use to get the bestLosAngeles termite control.


Pipes or rods


There are two types of rods used in termite control methods, like standard rods, and professional rods. The former type has 7/16 inch size, and it’s made of stainless steel and has changeable adapters. Another standard type rod has 5/8 inches rod that is made of galvanized steel along with changeable adapters. Professional pipes used in professionalLosAngeles termite control come up as5/8” rod made with stainless steel.But, professional pipes are stronger than standard rods and have adapters. Professional rods also have built-in valves to prevent dripping that’s necessary for indoor working. All these pipes are essential to provide the top LosAngeles termite control service.





Pipes can’t work without tips which are used on pipes’ ends.  Tips have different types,including360°, 180°, and straight spray tips.LosAngeles termite controlexperts use 360° tip to inject the termiticide into the soil, and the method is also called rodding, or rodding the soil. The 360° tip also works wellin sub-slab injection. On the other hand,the 180° tip is helpful in injecting the chemical into masonry voids present in brick walls, or cinder blocks. If you want to spray in the shallow trenches, then straight spray nozzle will be the best. Straight nozzles are also used to spray in voids.



LosAngeles termite Control Companykeeps these tools in kits which are easy to carry, and easy to work with.  Some homeowners buy termite control tools kit for a long term use, because it iscost effective.



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