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Surfing - The Coolest Sport on Earth?

Published by: Tim Poll on 20th Mar 2018 | View all blogs by Tim Poll

Will there be a Cooler Sport than Surfing? It is obvious that the coolest sport on the planet, is surfing. It's a passion, a way of life and an assuring of mind. It's for those who wish to live a natural, uninhibited life that revolves around the sun's rays, sand, ocean, surf as well as your surfboard.

The first time you ride a wave you will be aware why surfing is not going anywhere soon and why it's the fastest growing sport worldwide. Taking your longboard or shortboard out to sea gives you a chance to challenge the weather and nature itself, let alone the physical challenge that surfing skills require. This is exactly what keeps you returning for more. Surfing is awesome, exciting, challenging and fun.

Walls of Eco-friendly Blue

Gliding down moving walls of eco-friendly and blue water or being able to manoeuvre your board right or left, up or down is really a sensation much like skiing or flying. Surfing provides you with the freedom to hunt and ride the right wave, while developing fitness, strength and a lean body. The existence of the surfer includes a significant rhythm and beat into it, which will develop in the rhythm of the surf as well as nature.

Hang Five Hot-Dogger

Surfers have their very own awesome language of words, for example, hang five (putting five toes at the edge of the nose of the surfboard), curl (the break of the wave), pearls, wipe-out and hot-dogger (in demand surfer), which might all appear like double dutch towards the non-surfer. But for the surfer, it's his talk, he understands it and lives it.

The image of surfing inspires easy lifestyles, travel and freedom, however, one requires much more than the right surfing gear to be able to exercise this freedom wisely, especially if you're a novice and planning for a surfing holiday. The surfer will need lots of training from a surfing instructor and must be fit. Unless of course, you're fit, you'll be not able to satisfy the difficulties or earn the authority to this freedom.

Challenge Your Ego

Waves can be chaotic and currents and wind direction can alter unexpectedly. Understanding how a wave will break needs experience and it will be simpler should you get fit, take proper surfing training and also have a surf buddy.

Surfing will challenge your ego and character and you're unlikely to possess a beach to yourself to be able to surf solo. Consequently, you will notice that you need to follow surf etiquette whenever you share the sea which requires an amount of perseverance. However, while you ride the right wave, you will come to understand why the best sport on the planet is surfing!

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